Thursday, 17 June 2010

My baby has arrived - 9 weeks early

Hope you are all well, despite being back in touch with the world, I'm not as my gorgeous little lady decided to arrive early.

Emmie was born Monday 15Th June at 7.17am weighing 3lb 6, 8 days after my waters went - and many nights in hospital.
Obviously I wont be around for a while again, she is in the special care baby unit, fingers crossed she continues to be a little fighter.

Will post a pic soon. x

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Whoo I'm in touch with the world again!

Hello Hello,
I hope everyone is well.
It's soooooooooooooo lovely to be back in touch with the world, I cant wait to go blog hopping later, I have missed the Internet so much, more than I thought possible.
Sky were so naughty, they told us a couple of weeks disruption, which turned into 2 months! The bigger the company the worse the customer services!
Well we are in, settled, just decorating to be done now, I'm sat here waiting for our new sofas to be delivered, up at this time on my days off! Oh well, plenty to do.....................
As for the baby, it's cooking nicely, bump is growing, and 30 days of work to go - I am liking the count down, (6 working weeks) and if baby comes early - then even sooner! Fingers crossed, as long as it's all healthy I don't mind.
Looking forward to getting round to seeing every ones loveliness over the weekend, enjoy the sunshine. x


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