Tuesday 1 July 2008

Brilliant Weblog Award

I'm so flattered! Sue at slumber cards has awarded me this Brillante Weblog Award.
Thank you so very much Sue I really appreciate this. I love your blog, and the pics of your gorgeous little puppy.

Check out Sue's blog, she is a very talented lady.

The rules for this award are:
1: The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2: Link the person you received your award from.
3: Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4: Put links of those blogs on yours.
5: Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.
It has been so hard nominating only 7, I have tried to find seven blogs which I love to visit daily who don't appear to have the award.

The 7 I am going to nominate are:-
Check out these great blogs. x

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