Monday 15 September 2008

I'm still here!!!

Well I know I've not posted for over a week now, I have my gorgous lovely/naughty puppy Mac to thank!!!!
He had a nibble/munch on the cable that goes from the camera to the computer, and it does not work, in fact it was smoking in my hand when I went to upload my latest pics.

Although I didn't catch Mac in the act I don't think my boyfriend was responsible for the damage, given the tiny teeth marks left in the wire. We've had words!!!!! But I cant stay cross for long, he was watching telly here.


Digi Stamp Boutique said... can't be cross with this little cutey for long. Remember what they say, blame the parents! Ha ha...x

Joey said...

oh dear, dont you just love pets! lol, our kitten is into the wire chewing as well, as yet no disconnections but i dont think it will be long! lol.x

Bev said...

I don't believe a word of it lol - that face is just waaaaaaaaay to innocent!! Huggles to the bonnie bairn from me xxx


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