Saturday 21 June 2008

Proud puppy Mummy

I have just been and visited Suzanne's blog,
she is running a competition using a pink & brown theme. I love this colour scheme, your design can be anything as long as the colour scheme is used. I already have some lovely ribbon in mind I brought a while ago.

Suzanne also had some really cute pictures of her little puppy on her blog, who is absolutely gorgeous. I thought I would share some pics of my little boy Mac - who is my baby, he keeps me incredibly busy! lol. He is a Cavalier king Charles spaniel.

This is Mac on the day we brought him home, so tiny & cuddly.

1st bath - not a happy puppy, I shampooed and conditioned him! In case you were wondering, he has a white blemish on his nose, its not a "boogie"!!!! Don't listen puppy. lol

A cold wet day on Kilve beach.

Gravy bones must be up for grabs here!

Some peace at last.


Victoria said...

Oh my goodness how cute is he!! I want him!! :-)
Vicky x

Bev said...

Oh I am in love (says she who has 8 cavaliers and 2 boarders for the week!!) Hope over to my blog and take a peek at the pile that lie at my feet when I am crafting.

Shelly said...

Hi! Just came across your blog and thought I'd say hello! What a gorgeous little puppy! He is sooo cute!!! I have a little cat called R├ęglisse, he's a real cutie too!


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