Monday 13 December 2010

EBay Sale

(Sorry cant get this pic the right way round) I brought this bad boy a couple of weeks ago at a craft fair - and nearly wet my pants!!! Sorry to much info - but I had had had to have it, it is rather amazing! I don't really want to sell it but its just stayed in the box since I go it home as good old life just gets in the way! So good old boring common sense tells me I don't really need it, I have battled with myself since these thoughts begun! lol.
Anyway its on EBay along with 3 sets of dies, I'm open to sensible offers and happy for buyer to collect, I will also be listing 3 sets of Stampin Up markers in the next couple of days all brand new.

1 comment:

Leah l'Orange said...

omg, i want this SO stinkin' bad, but i can just imagine how much the shipping would cost! i can't believe you haven't used this thing! are you NUTS?! :)

i know what that's like though - both the buying things and they end up collecting dust, and the nuts part, too. :D


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