Thursday 9 December 2010

Hello, I'm so sorry for being such a bad bad blogger of late! I've been here there and everywhere with my little girl (mostly hospital appointments for one reason or another) but fingers crossed we have a date for the op and fingers crossed it will just be the regular checks all preemies have until they need to go no more!

Anyway - this weeks challenge had me stumped! So after a lot of thought of things I could make and use! I came up with Christmas day favour box's, I know the pic looks a bit boring, and if I had thought about it better and was not racing against time to meet the deadline, I would have taken a pic of inside the box, so much more interesting, full of retro sweets, flying saucers, jelly beans, love hearts, white mice, bon bons candy sticks and so on, a little box of yummy fun, so I have a few more to make they will all be made from diffrent sheets out of the same stack of yummy sparkly paper.

I cant believe I found this so hard as we sell laser cut favour box's on our website, I couldn't have cheated that bad tough and used on of these! We are about to re brand in the new year, as we have outgrown our current name and it does not do our biz any favours as we have sooooooooooo much more to offer.

Hope its not to cold where you are. xxx

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GiuliaG. said...

Just wanted to tell you that I think your project is wonderful!


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