Thursday 3 March 2011

Charisma Thursday & an update.

Well it's a Charisma DT holiday for me this week - Thank you Carly.
I had the week off as my little girl went back into hospital on Monday to have her corrective surgery.
She has amazed me every day since she was born back in June - 9 weeks early! She was born at week 31 weighing 3lb 6oz, after my waters went at week 29 - reason unknown. At 5 weeks old 36 weeks gestation and 5lb 2oz my little Lula Belle (Emmie) was coming home we had done the discharge paperwork, I was going in to stay overnight with her to bring her home, and when I went in the hospital she was back in an incubator, being treated for all sorts of infections, and we were told we could lose her. Unbelievable as hours earlier she had been fine. We had to wait 24 hours for the labs to do their thing, and we were finally told she had septicemia, and altough not out of the woods she was getting better. What a relief, so the next morning we had a phone call to get to the hospital asap as she was going to Bristol for emergency surgery - they would not tell us why, when we got to the hospital we were told she had necrotising entrocolitus (NEC) two words I will never forget. We went to Bristol and the amazing Mark Woodward who performed her op gave us 3 possible situtations to the awful infection that is NEC. NEC is basically a premmie thing they dont thankfully all get it, and they dont know why they get it. NEC is where the gut, or parts of the gut die. (Septicemia was as a result of her perferated gut) The best option would be to cut out the bad bit and sew her up, middle option cut out the bad bit, give her a stoam, let her grow and recover and put her back together when she is bigger and stronger, and the third was there was nothing they could do! The wait felt like an eternity. We were lucky, and had the second option, a stoma, our beautiful little girl had what we called a tummy bum! It has been emotional, and funny, and frustrating amongst many things, but at the same time we are eternally greatful for it, as without it - we would not have her.
Today my beautiful brave little girl came home, which is amazing as yesterday she was still on morphine.
I can honestly say I have never been so excited to see poo in a nappy! And now she's showing off about it and there is no stopping her.
So as life returns to normal, and I am not wresteling with stoma bags and wandering baby hands, I am hoping the bath/tea/bed routine will no longer take 2 hours each evening, and I will be able to do more crafting, and be a much much better blogger. x
P.S I have a couple of pics - but blogger wont let me add them at the mo. So will be back with them later. x


Rufus said...

So glad to hear that the re-connection went well and you've got your little girl home. My Mom went through this last winter, due to a botched colonoscopy. We came darn close to losing her. So I've got some idea of what you've been through. I can imagine your joy at seeing poo on the nappy!

Anonymous said...

Hiya, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I thought I'd pay you a visit and I'm so glad I did! I'm so pleased tohear your little girl is so much better and I can only begin to imagine the stress you've been under. Here's to happy , funfilled days with your little Emmie! xx
PS your cards are fab! xx

Wishcraft said...

Wow that must have been so traumatic for you all hun, what an amazing start Emmie had. I'm so glad the op went well, it must be such a relief for you! Hugs, Lisa x

Sweetncrafty Gal said...

Oh my gosh hun, i never realised how serious it was, im sooooo glad she's better and is back home with her mummy now! :-) im glad it all went well, can't imagine what you've been through!! big hugs to you! and tiny cuddles for emmie! xxxxx


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