Sunday, 17 August 2008

Here he is again............Puppy Mac

Well I could not resist sharing more pics of my little boy Mac with you. Yes I am far to fond of him, and refer to him as my baby!!! I just love him to bits.
These pics were taken Friday evening, after we took Mac to Steart beach, he ran and ran and ran, after sheep, dandilions and what ever took his fancy, so he was particually tired. Which was great for us. Mac loves his cuddles, hes such a cuddly boy.

My boys together, on my new fluffy hot pink dressing gown!


Bev said...

Ahhh little Mac is just gorgeous! There is just something about CKCS's (I should know I have 8!!!)

Teresa said...

Hello Pink Sunshine, I saw your comment on the Sisterhood of Blogging Stampers that you were a new member for SBS23, I popped in to say hello. To my surprise I find that you not only love cats, I do too, but you have a King Charles - They are my favorite dogs. If ever I got one, that would be the bread I would try for, and your pictures go a good way to persuading me that I am correct.

Welcome to to the group, I hope to get to know you better soon. I think my favourite picture is the one with your two boys together ;0) (good job I'm happily married)

Zoe said...

Aww how gorgeous (and the card is not that bad either hehe) Welcome to group 23 of the sisterhood honey!! I am loving your blog - your card style is soo fun and fresh I cant wait to get to know you better!!! If you can send me an email (my addy can be found on my profile) i can add you to the yahoo group that i set up for the sisterhood!!! Keep making stunning cards sweetie!!!

Roxy said...

What a cute puppy! Welcome to the sisterhood!

orangedaisy said...

never mind the crafting look at the doggie!! he's gorggg. we had a tricolour cav a few yrs ago but sadly he got out and run over, he was only about 3 yrs old. could never replace him so changed to another breed. still aww at cavs, its those big brown eyes which always get ya

Dawn said...

Aww great piccie!!


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