Monday 3 November 2008

Magnolia Christmas Orders :)

Sorry I have been a rather bad blogger of late!!!! I've just gone back to work having had 5 months of poorly/sick - but now I'm better and back to it. All my friends said I'd be really tired when I went back - I listened but do you think I believed them???? NO I DIDN'T, anyway, I've been wiped out, what with that and trying to lose the stone I put on while off, I've been done in. I went to legs, bums & tums at the gym the other day, I now have total respect for that class and will never underestimate it again!!!! lol
Any way onto much much more exciting & important things, I have been given a couple of awards, thank you so so very much ladies, you know who you are (once my tea has cooked, I will be posting them :) and thanking you all over again).
Anyway I have just been onto the Magnolia club site, Magnolia Christmas stamps are being dispatched, I got in there early so I am really hopeful I will have them by this time next week :)
They are now taking orders for the spring collection, yes I have placed an order for them too - this is about as organised as I get, suits me..........


The Crafty Goat Girl said...

So soz you have been poorly hun, good luck to all of these brave ladies that keep fit! Enjoy your new stamps, I do have a few, they are scrummy. Take care, Heidi xxx

Victoria said...

Hiya Sal.Hope you're back on your feet soon. Looking forward to seeing your latest creations!
Hugs, Vicky x

Victoria said...

Hi Sal. Hope you're feeling better. I have left a few things for you on my blog!
Hugs, Vicky x


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